No Universal Gun Registration!

Petition to my State Senator and State Representative

Whereas:   Universal Gun Registration would expand Michigan’s draconian handgun registration scheme by funneling gun buyers into the Brady-NICS firearms registry; and

Whereas:  Universal Gun Registration outlaws all private sales and transfers of firearms without first begging for government approval; and

Whereas:  Firearms registration is a clear violation of the Second Amendment as well as Article 1, Section 6 of the Michigan Constitution;

Therefore: As your constituent, I urge to oppose ANY gun registration scheme. Great Lakes Gun Rights will keep me informed of your actions.

Dear Fellow Patriot, 

Anti-gun Democrats in Lansing are helping Governor Whitmer resurrect an Obama-era gun registration scheme defeated by gun owners in 2013.

This so-called “Universal Background Checks” bill package expands Michigan’s draconian handgun registration scheme by funneling ALL firearms purchases through the Brady-NICS registry... requiring all gun sales be pre-approved by the government.

Sign the petition to STOP Universal Gun Registration!

For Freedom,  

Brenden Boudreau  

Executive Director   

Great Lakes Gun Rights  


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