No Gun Control Mandate

To: Governor Gretchen Whitmer,  My State Representative and State Senator 

Whereas:  The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”; and 

Whereas:  Studies show that states with higher rates of civilian firearm ownership are safest; and 

Whereas:  Anti-gun elitists continue using horrible acts of mass violence to RAM gun control into law and strip as many law-abiding Michiganders of their gun rights as possible; and 

Whereas:  Politicians who support gun control often pay a severe price at the ballot box for betraying their constituents. 

Therefore: As your constituent, I insist you oppose ANY gun control proposals introduced in Lansing, and instead focus on passing legislation, like Constitutional Carry, that allows Michiganders to be their own first line of defense. Great Lakes Gun Rights will keep me informed of your actions on our gun rights. 

Sign the Mandate!

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Politicians in both parties are ramping up calls for gun control following the horrific events in Texas and Ohio.

At the top of their list are “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation orders, which have already been introduced in both houses of the Michigan Legislature.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer wasted no time demanding the Republican-controlled Legislature pass "Red Flag" for her to sign into law as well as publicly endorsing outright gun bans.

Mimicking their colleagues in Washington, D.C.,  anti-gun Democrats in Lansing are expected to begin filing a smorgasbord of gun control measures in the weeks to come, including gun bans, universal gun registration, expanding Michigan's permit to purchase requirement to include long gun purchases and much more.

There are a handful of other gun control measures already introduced that are awaiting hearings, so pro-gun Michiganders must stay in the fight!

This is a fight that we can and must win, but Great Lakes Gun Rights can’t do it without your support.

Please sign your No Gun Control Mandate and consider chipping in $35 or even $10 to help GLGR fight for the Second Amendment in Michigan. 

For Freedom, 


 Brenden Boudreau

 Executive Director

Great Lakes Gun Rights


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